H & K featuring Heather and Kelly
May 27, 2009


Who says you can’t catch a rainbow? The two Fort Dodge musicians and friends have with their new cd, “Catch a Rainbow.”

The band known as H&K has been making appearances in the Fort Dodge area and has been catching the attention of record companies, radio stations, and music television networks.

Heather Kelly and Kirk Kaufman began writing music and recording soon after being introduced by a friend at Kirks recording studio, “Junior’s Motel”.

Heather Kelly is a Fort Dodge native and a 1993 graduate of Fort Dodge Senior High. “I always knew I wanted to make music. I come from a musical background.” Playing violin for over 20 years, Heather is also self- taught on piano. She has been in two previous cover bands but finds the writing and performing of original music to be much more personally gratifying.

Kirk has been involved with several bands that have gone on to have quite successful recording careers, such as the Grammy award winning band Slipknot, along with scores of other bands with various degrees of success.

Kirk was a member of West Minst’r which 1968, later disbanding in 1974, as well as a member of the HAWKS. The self-titled debut album "Hawks" was cut at West Minist’r Sound, mixed at The Record Plant in Los Angeles and released in 1981. Two singles from that album charted. "Right Away" was #63 on Hot 100 Billboard 1981. "It’s All Right It’s OK" hit #32 Billboard Mainstream Rock 1981.The second album, "30 Seconds Over Otho," was released in 1982. A third album, "Perfect World Radio," was released in 2003 under ‘Not Lame Records’ label.  Kirk has lead a variety of bands including Junior’s Army, Brandon Scott Sellner and the Madison Avenue Players, and most recently, H&K.

“We think that we have captured something that people enjoy.” Kaufman said. Though classified as a pop record, people who prefer other types of music are “tuning in”. Shawn from the band Slipknot, says we’ve got the “biggest bass drum he has ever heard”. “I think it is because we’ve got more recording space than a lot of recordings. Since we normally have only three musicians live, we like to keep the recording as sparse as possible.”
Cody McClintock, an up and coming local artist, had this to say:
“H&K has a new wave sound that catches the ear and relaxes the atmosphere to make everyone enjoy what they are listening to. Watching H&K play is very interesting and creative. Kirk plays the drums, guitar, bass and vocals at the same time, and Heather singing with a crystal clear voice that makes you move.”
Mark Gales, local sound engineer says, “ H&K is very original and very uplifting. When you watch them live as a three piece, they are fuller sounding than a normal five piece band. Very entertaining and a big sound. They put on Great live performances and very talented and skilled musicians.

Paul Reisner, another local musician said, “When I heard H&K music, the more I listened, I questioned it, like any other artist or musician. I gave it a chance.  Some things just grow on you. Whether you look at it, or listen to it.   It’s the music and lyrics of H&K, that touches moods, different feelings, and our deepest thoughts.
The band has played nearly 50 live shows across Iowa, most recently at The Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines with special guest Melvin James from Planet Melvin. H&K are working on the second album with hopes to release it by the end of the year. To follow the performance schedule, check their website: CD’s are available through Junior Motel Records or digital downloads are available on I-Tunes.


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