Me and Snap
July 31, 2009


If you grew up in a small town, you will understand how kids can create their own good times. In the process, they develop wonderful memories of those times. John Bruner's first book, "Me & Snap" details his childhood memories.

I love to read a good novel, but I make very slow progress. Usually 10-20 pages are about all I can handle before I fall asleep in the evening. "Me & Snap" was a rare exception.

My good friend, John Bruner, has been working on this book over the past year. He has often talked to me about it, so I knew basically what was coming. Last week he loaned a proof copy of the book to me, and I actually read it all in about 4 hours the same evening. I think I nearly drove my wife, Mary, crazy with my gut-wrenching laughter throughout the evening.

The Book "Me & Snap" is a short read. It contains 29 chapters and 142 pages. Each chapter is about another adventure of John and His brother Brian. Brian is one year younger than John and is nicknamed Snap. Most of the adventures took place in Carroll, Iowa in the 50's. One can only imagine what the neighbors must have thought of these 2 boys.

In the "Pooped My Pants" chapter, this accident be-fell the nine-year-old John. John and Snap had decided they must "attack" a nearby house under construction. They did this by lobbing dirt clods (grenades-army style) onto the new roof. The owner was inside and proceeded to catch the boys and give them a tongue-lashing. Unfortunately, this was more than poor John could handle. The next problem was then figuring out how to keep this from Mom. The answer was obvious; they will bury the soiled pants in the "jungle". Of course, they were caught as Mom had seen Snap taking the spade from the garage.

Another chapter, "Snap's On Fire", occurred on Christmas Eve, 1958. Snap had just received new pajamas for Christmas. Of course, fire-resistant clothing was not available then. He could not resist demonstrating to younger brother Barry his prowess at igniting certain gases being emitted from his body. He struck a match in the right way and the subsequent ball of flame ignited the new pajamas. This scared the heck out of Barry and caused John to scramble to extinguish the flames with a throw rug.

It is readily apparent that Snap had considerable "Eddie Haskell" talents. In one episode, Mom is furious with the boys over their latest escapade. She has a belt and directs them to grab their ankles. Snap immediately began talking her out of it to no avail, until he says, "Mom, if you do whack us hard, we will still love you". This of course caused her to laugh, and the boys avoided the belt.

I know both John and Snap. They were very fortunate to grow up in the Bruner family. It is obvious how their parents showed them incredible love and patience.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to forget his or her troubles for a short while. You will be consumed by it.


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