Up in the Air
January 28, 2010


Nominated for Golden Globe Best Picture, Up in the Air is definitely a must see film for 2010. Starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga, Up in the Air will hit home for a lot of us and show us what reality is truly like in the economic climate this country has and is facing.

Clooney plays Ryan Bingham, a jet setter who travels all over the country to fire people. When it comes to the big bosses terminating their employees, Bingham is hired on to do the dirty work, and he does so with gusto! So here we see how easily Ryan moves around to locations all over the US. He makes traveling look fun, and is in pursuit of the 10 million frequent flier miles, something only 6 people have ever done. Ryan travels like the way Tiger Woods plays golf; "To know me is to fly with me". It's in the airport lounge that Ryan meets his match Alex (Farmiga) who is basically his equivalent but a female. They develop an instant connection with their up in the air lives and take full advantage of this. So they periodically reroute their schedules so they can hook up as much as they can. Ryan and Alex begin to develop a relationship that goes in a direction that you won't see coming. (No spoiler alert here).

But Ryan's life is brought to a quick halt when a new hire for his company, Natalie (Anna Kendrick) comes in with a new idea, using video conferencing to fire people and cut down on 85% of the travel budget! And Ryan's boss played by Jason Bateman loves the idea. But Ryan who really doesn't have a place to call home can't fathom not being in the air and he believes that this idea of firing people via technology is an insult to what he does. So with that in mind, he takes Natalie out on the road with him to show her what his job really is all about. And here we see how painful this new idea really is. But something also develops here, Natalie, your cookie board cutter of an uptight Ivy League grad, starts to see life in a new light. Lessons are learned and Ryan begins to see how his life on the road may be great for him but can greatly impact those people he does care about.

Directed by Jason Reitman (Juno), Up in the Air shows us how we think we want our life to go one way, but how easily it can go the other. It shows us that we can want it all but rarely can we really have it all. Something has to give and here we see how easily the lives of others affect each other. Clooney is once again outstanding, also earning a Golden Globe nomination for the role. He has the ability to play the normal guy and really let us in to how he is feeling. Kendrick is awesome. She first appeared in the movie Twilight playing one of the teenagers opposite the main star, but in this film she truly shines. It's nice to see an actress at this age bring so much to the table and not be constantly in the paparazzi or flaunting their new found stardom. And Farmiga is totally on Clooney's playing field, outshining him in a number of scenes. Not too many actresses these days can hold up to an actor like Clooney and Farmiga does it with ease.

Up in the Air is several movies, it's a workplace comedy,

romantic comedy and family comedy all rolled up into one. You really can't beat that.


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