Movie Review: Something Borrowed
June 1, 2011


omething Borrowed starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin is a weak, almost embarrassing film about two best friends that are in love with the same man. Directed by Luke Greenfield, the adaptation from Emily Griffin's novel (which this writer read) was painful to watch from the very beginning.

Here we have Darcy (Hudson), an outgoing, raunchy best friend to Rachel (Goodwin). They have been friends since they were little and because of that their bond is so strong. I'd like to throw in the word "not" there. What we fail to see from the get-go is that close bond and the chemistry between Hudson and Goodwin is weak at best. With that groundwork already laid, the whole premise for the plot is not convincing what-so-ever.

Darcy is marrying Dex (Colin Egglesfield) whom she met through her best friend when Rachel and Dex were in law school together. Rachel encounters Dex (a Tom Cruise look alike 20 years ago) on the night of her surprise birthday, thrown by Darcy. We see that Rachel has been in love with Dex from her early law school days and Dex feels the same way about her. Dex and Rachel end up going home together as Darcy is thrown in a cab drunk. Now the dilemma is does Rachel follow her heart to be with Dex, or give up the man she loves to keep her friendship with Darcy. If there was something truly substantial and believable between the two bff's, then the decision wouldn't be that easy. But Darcy is a self-absorbed brat that cares only about herself. Dex and Rachel act on their feelings and continue to see each other without Darcy knowing, but Dex can't make a decision on what he wants to do. I'm cringing just writing this review as it's so painfully obvious what needs to be done but neither Dex nor Rachel have any backbone to make a decision.

So we continue to watch flashbacks between Dex and Rachel when they were in law school together and when they truly began to fall for one another. One would think that this would be the beginning of the beautiful, long lasting relationship but instead, Rachel sees Darcy throw herself at Dex and just "lets" her have him. Again- painful to watch. The only breath of fresh air is the mutual friend Ethan, played by John Krasinski (The Office) who tries to talk some sense into Rachel. He sees that Dex is being a spineless wimp and Rachel is just as bad letting this "affair" go on as Dex tries to figure out what he needs to do.

After seeing the film I recall feeling the same way about the book. It was exhausting to read as no decisions could be made until the very end. And of course once you get suckered into it you feel you must see it through. Hudson plays the self-absorbed role perfectly, one that she's done well in past films. Goodwin plays the girl who wants the guy but doesn't seem worthy (very similar to the role she played in "He's Just Not That Into You"). There are some brief moments in the film where one could relate to the struggle she is in. While I believe she's a gifted actress I also feel that she needs to step out of her comfort zone.

Egglesfield is not bad or great. I actually went to college with him and knew him from my Iowa days so as an audience member it was more entertaining to see him on the big screen than it was anything else. He's definitely got the looks and I am sure we'll see him in more films to come. Krasinski is the best one in the whole movie who doesn't get enough time or credit and it's his humor that keeps this film somewhat alive. But other than that, this movie is best for the DVD night and from this reviewer's opinion, not a book I'd pick up either.


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